16 September 2014

20000 Days On Earth 1

20,000 Days on Earth is unlike any rock documentary you will have ever seen. Ignoring the standard talking heads spouting platitudes, the film instead matches the stark intensity of Cave’s work throughout his career. 

The movie is set over a day in the life of Cave as he drives around in his black Jaguar, occasionaly stopping to pick up guests including Kylie Minogue and Ray Winstone, talking about death, memory and ‘uncontrollable weather’.

The Guardian highlights ‘a brooding but beautifully manicured quality to the film's aesthetic, as if Cave’s swooning counter-culture style played a part in dictating the mood

Long time fans of Nick Cave’s various bands, films and books will relish this opportunity to get closer to the man himself. 20,000 Days on Earth has already earned it’s direct a Jarman Award nomination with the film sitting on a mightily impressive 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes!

This fiercely beautiful amalgam will sweep you up in its masterful, thrillingly macabre embrace before sending you swooning out of the cinema. It's like waltzing with Count Dracula.’ What more could you ask for in a film!

Tickets for 20,000 Days on Earth are available now online, from the Box Office and by phone on 0871 902 5737.