3 September 2014

Inhand Insitu1

If you’re a young person then we want to know what you think of our In Hand, one of the apps that have come out of the Innovation Labs project.

If you’re a professional then do you know anyone who has used either of these apps? If so, please pass on this information to them.

Go to the In Hand website by 15 October, take the 5-10 minute survey and you could win a £50 high street shopping voucher.

Why do we need your views?

Innovation Labs have asked the researchers at Mindtech (part of the University of Nottingham) to find out how and why young people are using the apps and websites developed by the Labs initiative.

To help us understand we need to hear from you directly, about your experience of using them. In particular we want to hear about your experience of In Hand, the two personal support apps. This will help us understand how they have helped you in your life.

The survey questions have been designed with help from other young people who have been involved in the Labs initiative.

Other ways to take part

If you’re up for talking about your experience of using In Hand then we’d really like to hear about it. We can do this via telephone, Skype or may even be able to meet you if you prefer. Confidentiality assured. Get in touch through the Innovation Labs website.

If you feel creative or know how to use a web cam then you could also make a video diary about how you’ve used In Hand. We can send you some ideas to get started, but it’s up to you what you include. Get in touch through the Innovation Labs website.

Will my information be confidential?

Yes! We are very careful with your information and anything you say or send to us will be stored securely on University of Nottingham computers. We will not share anything about with anybody else without your permission. In reports and presentations about the evaluation, we will make everyone anonymous.

If you are interested in either of these options or just have some questions about the evaluation, get in touch with Lucy, Jen or Mike from the research team (via the contact form on Innovation Labs website).