4 September 2014

Mike Crutches

You might have noticed this 100ft high addition during recent shopping trips, as did we, and we saw it as a fantastic opportunity to raise money for our upcoming young people and mental health programme. Being a self titled ‘thrill seeker’, our director Mike decided to take the plunge (pun intended) and before he knew it there was a GoPro camera strapped to his head and extra insurance in place in case of any broken legs (just kidding).

So what was the purpose of Mike’s 1000ft skyride? In response to the global issue of mental illness we’re planning a young people and mental health programme to be part of next spring's major Group Therapy exhibition. We think that creative projects can give young people the chance to tell their story, build confidence, learn new skills, make friends and inspire others. With statistics suggesting that one in ten young people now suffer from some sort of mental illness, it’s definitely a worthy cause. 

After a fantastic response on his JustGiving page Mike took to the skies this Wednesday morning, the FACT team below cheering him on / wondering when he’d get stuck. We caught all the action on camera, and you can watch online on our Vimeo Channel or on the right hand side of this page. The donations you’ve given so far has been amazing, but we still need more of you to donate to realise this fantastic project. If you do it soon enough you will get a special thank you in the next FACT brochure! Visit justgiving.com or text FACT04 accompanied by your amount (eg. FACT04 £5) to 70070 to donate.

Thanks to our wonderful donors so far, including Dillion Zhang, Ruby Lerner, Christopher O'Reilly, Peter Schriewersmann, Lara Robinson, Heather Corcoran, Sarah Wright, Gisela Domschke, Ali and Leslie, David Fleming, Robert Nadler, Raj Kalia, Sam Meech, Shaun McInerney, Quintan Ana Wikswo, Victoria Symes, Maggie Mullan, Sarah Fisher, Matthew Clough, Sarah Bailey, Ian and Minako Jackson, Mark Thomas, Dan Stinson and Luciana Berger.