5 September 2014

Giles Peterson 700X4201

Beginning his career on the pirate station Radio Invicta, Peterson has always championed music from across the world such as jazz, funk, Latin. In 1998 he began working for BBC Radio 1, hosting the now legendary show Worldwide. 

Every week he would present the best new and old music, especially concentrating on rare records from the 1950’s to the 1980’s.

Gilles has been involved with labels including Ace Records, Acid Jazz Records, Talking Loud and Brownswood Records which have worked with artists such as The Roots, MJ Cole, The James Taylor Quartet, The Heritage Orchestra and Ghostpoet.

He recently journeyed to Rio and assembled an amazing cast of Brazilian musicians - collectively named ‘Sonzeira’ - to put together the definitive guide to Brazilian music. The record Brasil - Bam Bam Bam is a journey through the different flavours of authentic Brazilian music culture, from its majestic heritage to its super-dynamic present. 

In keeping with the spirit of this unique and daring album, director and Brazilophile Charlie Inman, teamed up with resident Rio De Janeiro film director Ben Holman, of Beija films, to co-direct and cover every element of Gilles trip. It was a wild journey deep into the favelas, through the world of Samba, and even introducing Gilles to some of the new emerging talent in Brazilian music. 

We are very excited to have Gilles join us for a Q&A following the screening where he will be in conversation with Lewis Boardman from the incredible Chibuku.

Tickets for the screening and Q&A are available now from the Box Office, by phone on 0871 902 5737 and online