15 August 2014

IMG 0812

FACT Liverpool's latest exhibition We Buy White Albums is a display of over 1000 first-pressings of The Beatles' White Album, collected and presented by artist Rutherford Chang. The album cover is famous for being a completely blank canvas, becoming inspiration and a background for thousands of scribbles, doodles and drawings. Now we want to see what you can come up with! Whether you're a massive Beatles fan or you would just love the idea of seeing your artwork on a record cover, we're launching a new competition with a fantastic prize for the winner. 

Your designs can be inspired by the music on the album, The Beatles, your local music scene, anything you want! The best design will be featured on fact.co.uk and the designer will receive a full LP-sized professional print of their design!

To enter, send your designs as a jpg to katie.whitfield@fact.co.uk by 14 September. Remember, your design needs to fit a 30cm x 30cm square! 

Don't worry if you don't have access to any fancy drawing software on your computer, here's a couple of free links to help you out:


We Buy White Albums is on at FACT from 15 August - 14 September.