15 August 2014

Mood Indigo 1

Mood Indigo is a romantic French drama about two lovers, Colin and Chloe. Colin (Romain Duris, Populaire) is a rich man who lives with his friend and cook, Nicolas (Omar Sy, Les Intouchables).  In one scene, Colin complains to Nicolas and his other friend, Chick, that he is jealous of them because they both have somebody to love. Colin’s problem is solved soon enough, as he meets Chloe (Audrey Tautou, Amelie) at a party shortly after. Chloe and Colin fall in love after a series of endearingly embarrassing blunders and incredibly sweet moments. They get married after competing against Chick and his girlfriend, Alise, for a chance to get wed. While on honeymoon, Chloe contracts a disease in which a lily grows on her lungs. Through hard-work, sadness, and frustration, Colin provides for Chloe and supports her through her illness.

Mood Indigo is directed by Michel Gondry, who also directed Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Gondry sets the film in an abstract, surreal, fantastical world, featuring stop motion cinema and off-the-wall visuals. All of the scenes in Mood Indigo are extraordinarily beautiful and ingenious. The visual components of this film are dripping in emotion and detail and the film has a sense of freedom and fearlessness as well as a lack of self-awareness that many films don’t have. There are so many striking and memorable scenes in Mood Indigo that you have to see for yourself! Gondry’s direction is inventive and very original.

I loved everything about Mood Indigo! Every part of this fillm was spectacular. The stars give amazing performances; Duris and Tautou make an adorable couple who, while falling in love with each other, make the audience fall in love with them as well. The acting in Mood Indigo is natural and moving and the dialogue is funny, charming, and fast.

Mood Indigo is an enchanting, emotional, and gripping story like no other. The French language adds to the beauty and sophistication of the film, complementing a cute and dreamy soundtrack.

As well as being beautiful, Mood Indigo is very sweet. I would recommend Mood Indigo to anyone who is a fan of Amelie, Populaire, Gainsbourg: La Vie Heroique, or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; as well as fans of French movies or romantic dramas.

Mood Indigo est parfait!