29 August 2014


So, cycling is well and truly back in fashion. Over recent years, Britain has seen an overwhelming surge in success and popularity of cycling and this 90-minute documentary paces itself through the history of the bicycle and cycling as well as musing on its place in the British national psyche. 

The film brilliantly weaves through the humble beginnings of the bicycle. Its rise, and fall during the 1970s when it was thought there would be no place for bikes in the future, to the Olympic glory of Team GB. Infectiously enthusiastic, Clifford’s homage also looks at the bicycle’s impact on British culture and society and Britain’s rekindled love of cycling.

Riding a bike often gives a sense of freedom that can be missed in today’s society, we can sometimes feel restricted to the same roads, pathways and journeys without ever going too far off the track of life. Bicycle gives a beautiful insight into the passion and freedom of cycling through interviews with Olympians such as Chris Hoy and Dannielle Khan and fascinating accounts of the historical and technical development of the ‘pedalling machine’.

Gary Fisher, father of the mountain bike and contributor to the documentary said, ‘we have a tremendous story to tell here, one of inspiration, one of history’. And (to the shock of Michael B. Clifford) one that hasn’t been told before!

The BAFTA winning director’s approach to Bicycle is quirky and completely original and as a keen cyclist himself, Clifford’s passion shines through, making Bicycle an excellent watch. 

A Q&A will follow the screening with the filmmaker, Michael B. Clifford on Friday 5 September. Tickets are available from the Box Office, by phone on 0151 902 5737 and online