7 August 2014

FLAG Festival 2


I first got involved with FACT in May, and since then I have attended every meeting and event.

I didn’t know what to expect at first as I was very shy before I came, however the people I met and got involved with were very kind and I got to learn and make new friends at the same time. I didn’t know that what we were doing would be so much fun, I enjoyed every second of it. 

We started off by getting to know one and other and then created a schedule of what events there would be, and when they would take place. We also chose our theme, which was International.

We began designing merchandise such as passports, badges, t-shirts and more, and then then chose which workshops we would lead. Lewis and I were allocated the Green Screen Workshop, which for me was great, as I love technology and do work with green screens outside of FACT too! We created posters for our workshops and wrote little paragraphs to welcome the public.

We then did some filming of our own with a professional filmmaker based on the International theme. It turned out very well and we got a great laugh out of it too! 

Then it came to the day, I arrived and there were copies of my drawings everywhere! It was amazing, and very very cool. I can’t believe how good an opportunity it has been. I definitely plan on getting involved with FACT as much as possible in the future!

The FLAG Film Festival is part of FLUX - a city-wide festival celebrating the creativity of young people in Liverpool.