7 July 2014

Sef Doc Fest 2

"The Sheffield Documentary Film Festival was an experience that was both valuable and unforgettable to me. As someone who does not travel as far as my own front door much, going to Sheffield was something else. The buildings were so extraordinary and beautiful, walking around the city made me feel like I was in the past. The festival itself was very big, taking up multiple venues to showcase the works and arts that it offered.

I took part in events I never thought I would, such as getting to use an Oculus Rift to view a documentary in an entirely different way. An Oculus Rift uses a facemask that lets me view the film first hand and really feel enveloped within the story. It really did forward the emotion that was expressed through the film and I felt very involved in its plot.

Another piece of technology that allowed 3D exploration of a film, including physical movement, showed me Project Syria, a very involving piece of work that allowed me to become part of the action when a bomb went off. We also watched a film called Happiness outdoors sat on grass in the city centre, which was a unique experience. The film was about the story of a young boy who became a monk in the isolated mountain villages and his adventurous trip to a city. Watching the film outdoors was an amazing event which I liked most of all. It has inspired us to think about our own FLAG film festival and the possibility of an outdoor screening, because I believe it would be as innovative and captivating for our audience as it was for me. Not only that, but we were inspired by the festival’s mini fold out posters that clearly explained what was playing, where and how to get there, so that even someone with a terrible sense of direction like myself could find out where they had to be!

I would definitely go to another film festival, especially if there is pizza again!"

Ashleigh Davies

FLAG Film Festival is a Freehand project that's part of FLUX, a city-wide festival for and by young people. If you are interested in all things film, then come along to FACT from 31 July - 2 August for international cinema screenings, talks and filming and scriptwriting workshops.