25 July 2014

Alice Benbow

The concept of this exhibition is connectivity, and the artists explore some very interesting themes within this. For example, in three short stories written by Louisa Keight titled Pareidolia, we are made to think about connections and whether in life they are really there, or if they are simply a figure of our imaginations that are only there because we want them to be.

Another theme explored in Kimberly Meadow’s work is basic human touch: probably the oldest and most widely used way of connecting people, a way in which any two people can connect even without a word having to be said. In Alice Benbow and Aurora Hanni Krogh’s work Du er ikke alene, Danish for You are not alone, it shows the longing for connections with other people bear with them and how these connections and relationships effect people’s lives indefinitely. Alice and Aurora couple photographs and abstract drawings to leave a lasting effect.

Concept board by Suzanne Vanezis is a piece of abstract art which shows the idea of people modifying technology to make it more modern or to make it your own. It shows the ideas that all technology in some way is linked to the one before it. Suzanne has shown this by adding pins onto her art, showing how the technology moves forward but still carries the main ideas it did previously.

The last piece of work in the exhibition is a series of photographs by The Donut Gang titled Capturing Connection showing two diverse environments, but how although they are different there can still be connections drawn up between them both.

Every time you look at the series of pictures you notice something different and how all pictures in someway connect to the others.