24 June 2014

Sharon Lockhart 3

Sharon Lockhart is an American filmmaker and artist whose first solo exhibit in the UK, will be shown at FACT from 5 July - 26 October as part of the 8th Liverpool Biennial exhibition A Needle Walks into a Haystack.

After receiving a BFA from San Francisco Art Institution and a MFA from the Art Centre College in Pasadena, California, Lockhart was first recognised for her photographic collection Auditions in 1995 where children re-enacted a romantic scene from Small Change by François Truffaut, Lockhart’s film and photography has developed through works such as Double Tide, Lunch Break and Goshogaoka.

Her formal, rational and artistic approach has followed Lockhart throughout her career pairing her creative vision with thought- provoking and sometimes unsettling sociological subject matter. 

During the 1990s, Lockhart began to create a series of projects addressing ethnographic filmmaking within a fine art context. Her work focuses on human experience and expression by highlighting often mundane, everyday details whilst subtly hinting at larger socio-political statements. 

Lockhart has received fellowships from the Asian Cultural Council in Japan, the Guggenheim Fellowship for creative arts in USA and Canada, the DAAD in Berlin and Kunstlerhuas Bethanien also in Berlin. In 2013 she was also shortlisted for the £40,000 biennial Artes Mundi prize. 

The beauty of Lockhart’s work is that she challenges and reinvents the boundaries between still and moving image, playing with notions of time and the spaces we inhabit. Her works with static cameras create modest but powerful images whilst reminding us of the camera’s extremely restrictive view and the possible world past the image edge.

FACT will house Lockhart’s first UK solo exhibition including the 2009 film Pódworka in Gallery 1. During the making of this film exploring the children and courtyards of Łódź, Poland, Lockhart first met a young girl, Milena. Lockhart and Milena developed a strong friendship, which led to Milena becoming involved in several more of Lockhart’s projects.  This bond highlights the personal connection to Lockhart’s artistic message, to encourage a world that emphasises ownership, openness and freedom in speaking for children.

A new film commissioned by FACT, Liverpool Biennial and Kaddist, San Francisco will also premiere at FACT in October as part of this exhibition.


For more information about Sharon Lockhart and the 2014 Liverpool Biennial, please visit the What's On page.