9 June 2014

Brad Butler And Karen Mirza Deep State Installation At FACT Liverpool As Part Of Science Fiction New Death 5

Science Fiction: New Death explores how our relationship with technology has blurred the lines between the real and the virtual; making our everyday lives feel increasingly like science fiction. 

Bringing together work by artists including James Bridle, Larissa Sansour, Jon Rafman, Ryan Trecartin, and Jae Rhim Lee the exhibition examines how technology is creating new ways of living (and dying), of fashioning identities and the growth of cult-like communities.

SFX called it ‘the years most thought provoking exhibition’ and Arcfinity described it as ‘unlike any exhibition you’ll have experienced before’. Starburst Magazine wrote that ‘it’s this kind of event that re-establishes what a genre can be, deconstructing its conventions and coming out with something new, something better.’ Corridor8 described the exhibition as ‘Dizzingly futuristic, this installation confuses the viewer and challenges them to seek out their own path into this sparse, unforgiving universe.’

Our visitors have loved the exhibition, describing it as ‘disturbingly good’, ‘disorientating’, ‘amazing’ and ‘intriguing’.

The exhibition closes in less than one weeks time, on Sunday 15 June, don’t miss out! For more information on Science Fiction: New Death, check out the project page.