24 June 2014

Ideas Factory 1

Earlier this year, over 100 11-16 year olds took part in the Ideas Factory workshops over four days during their school holidays. They formed groups and were paired up with some of Liverpool's best design studios, including Mando and challenged to invent a new app that would help them with their education. Their ideas will be on display at FACT from 19 - 25 June

Why did you decide to get involved with Ideas Factory?

I’m passionate about the digital world and its potential and I am really looking forward to seeing what the next generation of innovators will be creating.  As well as the global impact mobile development has massively augmented my life and I’d like to pass that on.  It’s exciting to know that helped to raise a general interest to e-inspiration and in some small way improved their and all our futures.

Did you learn anything from the young people or throughout the process? 

I loved the lack of preconceptions.  Digital development has constantly evolving ‘rules’ and the those that succeed have the wisdom to decide when to use and when not to use them; these mavericks charged straight though the rules and questioned every boundary I put in their way.  There was no room for ‘received wisdom’.  I found myself questioning my knowledge

What apps/tech do you wish you'd had when you were at school?

Hoverboards are a given… Back To The Future ruled.


For more information about Ideas Factory, please visit the project page or visit the exhibition which runs until 25 June in the FACT Connects Space.