18 June 2014

Ideas Factory 1

Earlier this year, over 100 11-16 year olds took part in the Ideas Factory workshops over four days during their school holidays. They formed groups and were paired up with some of Liverpool's best design studios, uncluding Draw & Code and challenged to invent a new app that would help them with their education. Their ideas will be on display at FACT from 19 - 25 June

Hi Phil, Why did you decide to get involved with Ideas Factory? 

To be honest, working with young people on an app simply sounded like fun! Although looking at things from a business perspective, Ideas Factory is exactly the sort of event that we need in schools across the UK to keep us competitive in a connected world. The principles taught at these sessions such as fostering creativity, collaborating and finding the best compromise, are all very familiar to any business.

Did you learn anything from the young people or throughout the process?

I found out that the future is in very good hands! I expected them to be tech-savvy, but our group were remarkably business-savvy too. Although they all had outlandish ideas for educational apps, it didn't require any explanation for them to start reigning these ideas in. They always had their market in mind - both from a student's and a teacher's perspective.

What apps/tech do you wish you'd had when you were at school?

I wish we had something like Ideas Factory! Seriously! We had a glass 'turtle' that was controlled by a BBC computer - that was as far as our tech education went. Meanwhile kids from Liverpool in 2014 are voluntarily attending these extra sessions and getting a very real taste of the software development industry. I'm jealous!


Ideas Factory takes over the FACT Connects Space from 19 June - 25 June. Visit the exhibition project page to find out more.