19 May 2014

Exhibition 1

Exhibition goes inside a modernist home in the super rich West London, home to husband and wife, D and H. The film finds them in the midst of a house move with H, still in love with the house, unwilling to move, whilst her husband is engrossed in the simple practicalities of the move.

D, a performance artist, is suffering from creative block after an unspecified and unmentioned past trauma. She is seen attempting to create a new performance piece in her brightly lit studio but struggles against the noise, shouting and sirens from the city around them.

The film is a unique ‘intimate, closely focused character study’ which examines the lives of a couple in ‘a paradoxical, very modern relationship. It is at once intimate and distant.

Hogg’s third feature film has been described as ‘the forefront of our new national cinema’ and ‘her finest offering yet’ whilst Kim Newman called Hogg ‘one of Britain's more interesting independent filmmakers.’. Starring Viv Albertine, former lead singer of The Slits, and conceptual artist Liam Gillick, Exhibition is a ‘study in domesticity and sophistication, mysterious and preposterous’.

The film returns to Picturehouse at FACT tonight for a screening as part of the Discover Tuesdays strand. Tickets are available now from the Box Office, online and by phone on 0871 9025737.