30 May 2014

Jimmys Hall 3

In an effort to heal divisions in his community and forget about the misery and destruction of the recent civil war, Jimmy Gralton decides to open a community centre/youth club/free school/dance club in his small village of County Leitrim, Ireland.

To the public he is a hero, but the church sees his efforts as ‘communism’ and an attempt to side-line religion in the village's cultural life.

Based on a true story, Jimmy’s Hall is ‘tender, gentle, romantic even’ and with his longtime screenwriting partner Paul Laverty, Loach has created a ‘graceful and dramatic swansong’.

Rather than simply being an anti catholic tale, the movie is a depiction of 1930s rural Irish life which is ‘full of urgency and hope and life

The film’s star, Barry Ward was sent to work on a farm for 2 weeks in order to give him callouses on his hands and prepare him for the role. Jimmy’s Hall is one of his first feature film roles having primarily only worked on TV and stage. He is described by one critic as ‘radiating a charisma touched with shyness’ with Peter Bradshaw labelling his performance as ‘truculent and articulate’. 

If Jimmy’s Hall does prove to be Loach’s final picture, he will leave behind him an incredible array of classic films including The Wind that Shakes the Barley, Kes and Sweet Sixteen.

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