16 May 2014

In Hand Launch 15

On Wednesday, smack bang in the middle of Mental Health Awareness week, we launched our mental health and well being app. It was quite an emotional evening! Seeing the documentary we have made and seeing all the participants beaming with pride was a highlight for me as project manager. The app and the project have evolved into several states throughout the year and we finally have a product!

We are really excited at the possibilities and opportunities that In Hand has opened up for us and we are very passionate and committed to continuing in working with young people to destigmatise mental health and explore the role of film, art and technology within it. 

This project has really developed our relationships within the mental health, public health and education sectors and we are inspired by how dedicated and passionate the people we've met from those sectors are. 

You can download In Hand, the App Store and Google Play Store (just search for In Hand!) or directly from inhand.org.uk.