22 May 2014

Robin Saxby 3

"Sir Robin Saxby - Former CEO of ARM, gave a talk about how he started to develop RISC silicon microprocessors. To start this off he gave us an introduction to himself - He got his first electronics set at the age of 8, and started his own TV repair business at the age of 13. He also included the fact that he was the winner of the Global Semiconductor Alliance Exemplary Leadership award in 2012, and was knighted 10 years before that in 2002.

He kept making one main point throughout the talk, this was to "Follow you passions", and "If you're not making mistakes, you’re not trying hard enough !" - He emphasised these points by further explanations about his previous jobs (including his mistakes) - and that it took him approximately 65 years to get the GSA award. He says he has always done what he loved, and was lucky to find his interest at such a young age.

During his time at ARM, he realised that it would be far too expensive to make the chips themselves, so his company just designs them and gets them sent off to external companies to be made. This was one of the main factors making his company so successful.

The talk was very informative and for me extremely interesting. We all came away with clear advice to follow if we wanted to set up any business, and make it successful. This was to: "Always make sure the customers needs come first, not what you think they might need!"​​ and to "Think beyond the possible, and then back off to reality!".

I would definitely recommend this talk to others!

Everybody can learn - you just have to put your mind to it!" 

Daniel Parker, Studio School student

Everybody Learns Something, is a new series of talks for 16-25 year olds. Details of future events coming soon.