27 May 2014

A Story Of Children And Film 1

Mark Cousins has an enthusiasm for cinema in all its forms which is unmatched by almost any other film critic. In 2011, he created the epic The Story of Film, clocking in at over 900 minutes, which tells the complete history of cinema from its inception right through to the present day and the possible futures of the art form. It was described by the New York Times as "a semester-long film studies survey course compressed into 15 brisk, sometimes contentious hours"

A Story of Children and Film is ‘a side sequel’ to this project which concentrates on the portrayal of young people on film throughout the years. Cousins takes a fresh look at classic films such as E.T and Kes whilst also examining lesser known films from 25 nations around the world including Iran, India and Japan.

Drawing parallels across the history of cinema and to films and directors from around the world, Cousins uses his encyclopaedic knowledge of film to explore subjects including class, rebellion, dreaming, and destructiveness. 

What could have been a heavy handed, overly academic film is ‘spine tingling’, ‘playful and profound’ and ‘fascinating’ in the hands of Cousins who is described by Mark Kermode as ‘a uniquely talented storyteller’. 

Whether you are familiar with the films Mark Cousin’s references or not, A Story of Children and Film in ‘uncannily enticing’ and will ‘send you out with a burning hunger to watch everything’ featured in full.

A Story of Children and Film is showing tonight as part of the Discover Tuesday strand. Tickets are available now from the Box Office, by phone on 0871 902 5737 and online