29 May 2014


The Rave Lecture performance explores the potential for experimental environments for performative and engaging or even interactive work. By combining two seemingly opposing environments, a rave and a lecture, Dullaart seeks to draw out the networked non-spaces where performance can appear

This interest in non-spaces, or Heterotopias, a term coined by philospher Michael Foucault to describe places of otherness, frequently crops up in Dullaart's work. Such spaces are spaces which are simultaneously physical and mental and, at the same time, manage to be neither one nor the other. A good example of heterotopian space would be the ‘space’ of a phone call. One key Heteropian space for Dullaart is the internet and, more specifically, the status of ‘online’ and ‘offline.’ This theme reoccurs in Dullaart’s practice and he frequently creates Heterotopian space by re-contextualising typical methods of online presentation. He then uses this disruption to probe at alternative ways of presenting work. In the past Dullaart has adopted methods including using networked performances (such as Rave Lectures), digital prints, YouTube videos, domain names and blog postings.

Currently, alongside his Rave Lecture series, Dullaart is undertaking an online project, Jennifer_In_ Paradise. The work is made up of a digital photograph taken by Adobe Photoshop’s co-founder John Knoll. The image was one of the first to be publicly manipulated in the programme but fell out of circulation online over time. The restored digital image is being re-distributed online with a stenographically encrypted message written by Dullaart and addressed to the woman in the picture (message available to read in full at Rhizome) Dullaart encourages viewers to share the work, redistributing an important moment in our digital history back out across the internet. Altered with an embedded text not visible to the naked eye, the work no longer exists as an image. Instead, the work becomes a performance, acted upon by the viewer as it is shared and creating it’s own networked space online.  

Jennifer In Paradise

Constant Dullaart, Jennifer_in_Paradise (2013). Restored digital image re-distributed online with stenographically encrypted message.

Viewers are invited to download and share the image above.

Join us at The Royal Standard, Friday 30 May, 8.30pm for Constant Dullaart's Rave Lecture.