25 April 2014

Locke 1

Construction foreman Ivan Locke, played by Tom Hardy is facing the biggest challenge of his career, a giant ‘concrete pour’. The night before the big event he decides to leave his office and set off on a journey from Birmingham to London.

As the sole actor who appears in the film Hardy gives an incredible performance as the overconfident Locke attempting to hide his internal stress and fear. Throughout his journey he calls his colleagues, friends and family, who are played by a selection of the UK’s finest actors including Olivia Coleman, Bill Milner, and Sherlock’s Andrew Scott.

There’s no explosions, crashes or car chases, instead the ‘drama here is deeply felt, and the supporting cast craft complex and fascinating characters despite only being voices on the other end of a telephone call.’

Hardy’s performance has been widely praised with Little White Lies highlighting his 'powerhouse presence’ and Empire Magazine calling it ‘one of the performances of his career’. Writing in The Guardian, Peter Bradshaw commends Hardy’s ‘pent up brilliance’ saying ‘At first I thought this might be a glorified radio play. Not a bit of it. You need to keep watching Hardy's face.

Locke is now showing at Picturehouse at FACT. Tickets are available online, from the Box Office and by phone on 0871 902 5737.