15 April 2014


"Ideas Factory is a series of events that aims to encourage young people to pursue careers in the creative sector, focusing on three distinctive pathways; coding, creativity and entrepreneurship.

The First Ideas Factory event was launched during FACT’s Time & Motion exhibition and saw over 150 young people attend industry led talks and workshops. This time, we set up five pop-up App studios at The Studio School led by a variety of local development studios. Attendees were challenged to come up with their own concepts and ideas for an educational app that could help students in their day to day school lives. 

Wow! Were we impressed! The ideas were fantastic and so well thought out! Personal favourites included a ‘progress bar’ app that would track how students were doing with homework and allow teachers to offer extra support or send more work! There was also an app thet would connect students across the world with a reward system that would give them points every time they helped another student. We can’t wait to take some of these ideas forward at the next stage in May!

As if the day wasn’t busy enough, we also had some very special visitors in the shape of the  Rt Hon John Bercow MP Speaker of the House of Commons and the BBC News team.

If you’d like to know more about the project it will feature in a report on the BBC News at 6pm and on BBC Radio 5 live at 5pm on Wednesday 16 April."

We’d like to thank the participating studios for taking the time to participate and offer their insight and expertise to the young people: 

Citrus Suite



Black & Ginger

Draw and Code