29 April 2014

James Bridle Homo Sacer Installation At FACT Liverpool As Part Of Science Fiction New Death 2

James Bridle is a writer, artist, publisher and technologist. His new installation Homo Sacer examines how individuals can be ‘exiled’ by the British Government by having their citizenship revoked if they are suspected of activities that are counter to our national interests. The work was inspired by a series of articles by The Bureau for Investigative Journalism, which first brought the practive to light. 

The artist created the term “New Aesthetic” in 2011 to refer to the increasing visual language of the digital technology and the Internet and the blending of virtual and physical worlds.

Writing on booktwo.org, he described it as “The New Aesthetic is not superficial, it is not concerned with beauty or surface texture. It is deeply engaged with the politics and politicisation of networked technology, and seeks to explore, catalogue, categorise, connect and interrogate these things. Where many seem to read only incoherence and illegibility, the New Aesthetic articulates the deep coherence and multiplicity of connections and influences of the network itself.”

James Bridle writes regularly for The Observer newspaper and booktwo.org about culture, technology and how it affects us. His artworks and installations have been shown all-over the world. Drone Shadow, pictured on the right hand side of the page, is described on Bridle's website as 'An ongoing investigation into the shadow of the drone.'

Homo Sacer is currently showing in the FACT atrium as part of Science Fiction: New Death until 22 June.