30 April 2014

Terminator 2.jpg

Bronnt Industries Kapital, also know as Guy Bartell, has created a new ‘beefed up’ soundtrack for the incredible action/science fiction classic, Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

James Cameron’s 1991 movie see’s Arnold Schwarzenegger face off against the technologically superior T100 in his battle to save John Connor and protect the fate of man kind. Featuring some of the most famous cathphrases to ever appear on film, T2 is ‘a science fiction film with verve, imagination and even a little wit.

Bronnt Industries Kapital has revitalized the movie, reworking its audio track and introducing a unique dream-like quality to the viewing experience. Bronnt’s new sound track is comprised of heavily processed elements of the original soundtrack, re-arranged and recreated sound effects, and ‘muscular pursuit-disco workouts’ which recall the movies of John Carpenter and 80’s creature movies.

The film’s “rise of the machines” plot reflected the growing sense of technological anxiety that gripped societies at the end of the last century. This sense of unease at the pace of technological change is echoed in our current exhibition, Science Fiction: New Death. It explores how our relationship with technology has blurred the lines between the real and the virtual; making our everyday lives feel increasingly like science fiction.

Tickets for Terminator 2: Judgement Day are free for Liverpool Sound City wristband and delegate pass holders. Public tickets are on sale now from the Box Office, online and by phone on 0871 902 5737 for £8 / £7 (members and concs)