17 April 2014


The quarterback of the New York Giants has the fate of the world on his shoulders as he faces off against Ming the Merciless with the glamorous Dale Arden at his side. There’s floating cities, evil armies, a space princess, gladiators, and everyone ‘is dressed in capes and ridiculous boots and headdresses’. What more could you want from science fiction?

The phrase ‘so bad, it’s good’ could have been invented to describe Flash Gordon, the stereotypical 80’s sci-fi movie, with its ridiculous performances, over the top soundtrack from Queen, spectacular sets and cartoonish action sequences.

Any film where Brian Blessed plays a character called Prince Vultan, the leader of the Hawkmen, demands to be seen on the big screen at least once!

Flash Gordon was selected by visitors to FACT as one of their favourite Science Fiction movies ever made, alongside The Thing and Aliens, which are showing in May and June.

Flash Gordon is showing on Easter Monday at 8.30pm. Tickets for all of our Science Fiction Season are on sale now at the Box Office, by phone on 0871 902 5737 and online