7 April 2014

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Artplayer and FACT have launched a series of themed networking events and as the first one was so successful, we thought that you might like to learn more about what we have to offer. Here is a little snapshot of our Open Playground event and a sneaky preview to the next event that will take place on the 23rd of May.

Sponsored by the European Commission, Open Playground took place on 28 March and focused on gaming technologies. The speakers looked at both philosophical and financial aspects of the future of gaming, and you can watch the provocations by Mark WrightPetra Gemeinboeck & Rob Saunders and a word from Lampros Stergioulas, lead programme coordinator of the CRe-AM project on Artplayer now. A number of workshops were delivered by the University of Liverpool as part of the CRe-AM project and the guests included major broadcasters, academics from overseas as well as local artists. The workshops helped to build bridges between the guests from different sectors who all shared an interest in games - which is precisely the aim of CRe-AM: "bridging creative industries with technology providers and innovators". 

The Creativity Research Adaptive Roadmap Project is a two year EU-funded project, running from October 2013 to September 2015. CRe‐AM is part of the 2013 Work Programme on ICT. The CRe-AM project aims to bring communities of creators together with communities of technology providers and innovators, in a collective, strategic intelligence and roadmapping effort to streamline, coordinate and amplify collaborative work. This will be achieved by developing, enhancing, and mainstreaming new ICT technologies and tools by addressing the needs of different sectors of the creative industries. The main results of the project will include recommendations for policy, planning, and decision making for the creative industries and convergent plans for specific future initiatives.

This means that we all can play a part in the future funding decisions. Artplayer and FACT are delighted to be part of such an important and valuable project!

Hopefully you have been encouraged to attend the next free networking event! This time we will look into themes of new media storytelling. The main areas will be: personal broadcast via social media and selfies; blurred boundaries between real and virtual space; data as stories. Questions of identity and personal/social narratives are at the heart of the discussion. Speakers will include the Trebus Project, artist Helen Pynor and Francesco Casetti from Yale University.

Keep an eye out for more information closer to the time!