5 March 2014

Die Falle 4

Time & Motion considers the state of working life in the digital era. Does anyone still conform to the traditional ideal of eight hours rest, eight hours work and eight hours of recreation?

Since 12 December last year, FACT has been home to a series of artworks, research projects, archival materials and interventions which track our journey through the world of work, from clocking on at the factory gates to checking in online from our home office.

The exhibition asks ‘powerful questions about working lives and the dissolving boundaries between labour, rest and recreation’ and encourages visitors to discuss ‘what it means to be employed in a world of zero-hour contracts, austerity and automation’.

Time & Motion features work by artists including Cohen van Balen, Harun Farocki, Oliver Walker, Blake Fall-Conroy, Sam Meech, Molleindustria, Jeff Crouse and Stephanie Rothernberg, Andrew Norman Wilson and The Creative Exchange.

The exhibition closes on 9 March, don’t miss your chance to experience Gregory Barsammian’s awe inspiring zoetrope sculpture Die Falle, newly commissioned 75 Watt by Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen, iPad loving dog iPaw, and the ‘ideal worker’ robot Diamandini

For more information about all the artworks in the exhibition, please visit the Time & Motion: Redefining Working Life page. The exhibition closes at 6pm on Sunday 9 March.