6 March 2014

Grand Budapest Hotel 2

Wes Anderson is a director whose writing and style is instantly recognisable and completely unlike any other filmmaker working today. His movies take place in beautifully created and incredibly detailed worlds populated by fast-talking, and hilariously deadpan characters.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is no different. It takes focus on the fictional eastern European world of Zubrowka in a lavish hotel, The Grand Budapest. Ralph Fiennes plays the hotel’s devoted concierge, Gustave H, who is framed for the murder of one of his elderly clients. He must prove his innocence and regain the hotel from the control of the military that have turned it into a bunker in preparation for war. 

The majority of Anderson’s regular collaborators return in supporting roles and cameos including Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzman, Adrien Brody and Roman Coppola. The star of the film however is undoubtedly newcomer Tony Revolori, who plays Gustave’s protégé, assistant and Lobby Boy. He describes the scariest moment of the filming process as when Bill Murray met his father for the first time and threatened to throw him into a swimming pool. Luckily, at the film’s wrap party, Bill Murray said to Tony’s Dad ‘Actually, I've decided you're OK. I won't have to throw you in the pool after all’.

Writing in The Telegraph, Tim Robey said ‘You might get light-headed on the pure fun of it, which unleashes fresh waves of fun-within-fun at every point where you worry it could dry up.’ Little White Lies described the film as ‘An opulent and strangely moving caper movie’ with The Independent calling it ‘the most Wes Anderson-y film yet made by Wes Anderson.’

The Grand Budapest Hotel opens today and tickets are available now from the Box Office, online, and by phone on 0871 902 5737.