20 March 2014

Tron 2

As part of our new exhibition, Science Fiction: New Death, we’re screening a huge selection of the best sci-fi films ever made. The season kicks off with the original 1982 Tron, and then each Monday throughout April, May and June we’ll be showing a Sci-Fi classic on the big screen.

Our film programme brings together some of the best science fiction films ever made. From 1972’s Solaris to cult classic 2001: A Space Odyssey and the critically acclaimed Moon, our Sci-Fi film season features unique stories that consider our futures, the ghost in the machine and how our lives are increasingly becoming more like Science Fiction. 

As well as our curated season of films, we want you to select your favourite Science Fiction films. The three movies with the most votes will be screened in Screen 3 on 21 April, 19 May and 16 June. To vote for your favourite film, tweet at @FACT_liverpool using #scifiselection, comment on our Facebook wall or fill out one of forms on the Ground floor of FACT. You can vote for absolutely anything sci-fi related (except for Star Wars, which we can’t get a license for!) and the three films with the most votes when the competition closes on 9 April will win! 

Full listings

All screenings take place at 8.30pm

31 March: Tron
7 Apri: The Double Negative presents: Moon
14 April: Solaris
21 April: 1st Audience Selection
28 April: Mirage Men
5 May: The Double Negative presents: Alphaville
12 May: 2001: A Space Odyssey
19 May: 2nd Audience Selection
26 May: The Double Negative presents: Primer
2 June: Akira
9 June: They Live
16 June: 3rd Audience Selection 

For more information about Science Fiction: New Death, please visit the exhibition project page.