5 March 2014


"FACT was nominated for the MHFA (Mental Health First Aid England) Champion Award in recognition of our efforts to increase mental health in our community. This has been through making sure that all departments are trained in MHFA, and having ASIST Safetalk trained people on hand to deal with anyone in a crisis. By the end of 2014, each person in FACT will be trained in some form of mental health first aid.

We are working with Christine Clark, who also won the top trainer award for the country along with various local agencies to try and enable an open Safetalk course for anyone in the community that would like to learn this skill.

The award ceremony last week was an amazing event. As you can imagine, it was very formal and we were greeted by a master of ceremonies from the House of Lords and shown into a drinks reception with House of Lords champagne (I dont know why I found this amusing I just did, I suppose I had images of the lords with their feet in a barrel squashing grapes).

We had an hour-long networking event which was great, so many people were passionate about making a difference to the UK mental health and it was really inspiring. The main message that came across is that the issue is in every part of our lives, mental illness has no boundaries and we heard examples of incidents and good practises in a huge amount of sectors all over the country.  

The main event followed on and we were welcomed by Lord Patel of Bradford, who was followed by Poppy Jamen CEO of MHFA who again delivered an inspiring speech followed by the awards."