14 March 2014

In Hand 2

"Along with Stuart and Lydia from the In Hand team, I attended the NHS Innovation Expo last week in Manchester. As part of our young people's programme (Freehand) we are developing an app to support young people in their mental health and well being. The app is called In Hand and it is just one of a group of digital tools in the Innovation Labs initiative.

Having attended health events before, I was expecting a stiff NHS event full of suits, but this Expo was much more exciting and friendly! The NHS stalls were bright, open and really gave out the impression that they wanted to create digital and physical spaces for people to have conversations about our healthcare system. There was a definite dialogue between clinicians, service users, pharmaceutical companies and service providers.

We were promoting our app with a couple of friends from Innovation Labs and we had a blast! I ended up on National radio talking about the project and we were really pleased with how excited people were about the app and the impact it could have on young people's mental well being."

In Hand launches on 14 May and will be available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.