3 March 2014

The Creative Exchange Hybrid Lives Co Working Space 2013 Photo Jon Barraclough


"We set out to get a grasp on the language surrounding “Knowledge Exchange” (aka. KE), Knowledge Exchange has its origins in ‘tech transfer’. KE use to be Knowledge Management, then it was Knowledge Transfer, now it is Knowledge Exchange. As researchers working within the Creative Exchange, a Knowledge Exchange research programme it can sometimes be difficult to see the woods for the trees when talking about how people work together

By trying to understand the language that comes with such an abstract concept, we are working together to pull it apart and inhabit some part of this complex territory. This is in order to foreground humanistic and empathetic perspectives of knowledge and processes of exchange.

So we have started putting together a Thesaurus. We have started with two initial entries, Knowledge and Exchange. Here are two of the synonyms our Thesaurus (work in progress) offers:

Will (to think, do)
1. Noun. State of being.

1. Verb. An inherent drive or motivation to pursue (eg. an experience motivating a will to know).

2. Adj. Exhilaration. Amoment or experience of (human).

1. To give an other access to your perspective / experience / skill / understanding / tools / methodology with the understanding that they will view or use what you share from the position of their own ‘otherness’.

2. Exhilaration, joy, excitement.

3. Behavioural.

4. To let something outside of the self (effectual).


Today we have been putting our Thesaurus to use in Georgina Voss’ workshop on what the future of work might look like. We’ve imagined a future in which robots and humans collaborate seamlessly in a universal singularity, and are wondering what jobs will need doing.

First of all we will be needing some Cupid Facilitators, please see the job description below if you are interested:

Must have a thorough knowledge and understanding of human romantic and reproductive processes.

Must be discreet.

(Humans need not apply)

We’re also looking for a Barista:

Must provide an inter-planetary service.

Must have carbon copy function.

Must have early 21st Century experience and a thorough knowledge of the coffee culture of this period.

Look out for future revisions of the Knowledge Exchange Thesaurus in our blog tomorrow…"


For more information on Time & Motion: Redefining Working Life and the Hybrid Lives Co-Working Space, please visit the exhibition What's On page.