4 March 2014

We completed the first incarnation of the THESAURUS, which led us to two further rounds of revision of it. Here is the revised version of the two examples we posted on Saturday:

Will (to think, do)

1. Verb. Motivation to pursue (eg. experience motivating a will to know) (see Agency).

2. Adj. Exhilaration.


1. Verb. To give access to subjectivity.

2. Verb. To let something outside of the self.

*Conseq. Exhilaration.

We have composed a preface for the THESAURUS as a means of contextualising it as a body of work, and also as a guide or instruction for how to use it.

On the basis of these revisions and conversation surrounding the implementation of the THESAURUS, we have decided to continue working on this as a work in progress. Thinking about who this work speaks to and why we have chosen the THESAURUS as both a format and a method, we are considering devising the next phase of this project as a performance work, with a filmic component.

The first version of the THESAURUS is now available in the co-working space!

Benjamin Koslowski and Jimmy Tidey from the Creative Exchange programme (RCA) joined us today to give us their thoughts on the THESAURUS and join the conversation we are having as part of Time & Motion. We presented THESAURUS and preface to them and heard their interpretation of it as both a work and a method of research.

On the basis of their feedback, we are now considering the wider implications of producing such a work, particularly who it is for, how we can share it and how it might affect the people, projects and things it encounters.

Ben has suggested calling it “THES ‘R’ US” to make it more playful...

Next steps...

Using the co-working space poster that is in the space as a point of reference, we have decided to re-read and re-compose this text using the THESAURUS, implementing it as a guide or device. This will help us work out the potential and limitations of the THESAURUS, as well as encourage alternative ways of reading or using it.

Look out for the reworking of this text in our next and final blogpost.