12 February 2014

"Alas! Our eight weekends of the BFI Film Academy have drawn to a close. The course has seen the participants go from a group of strangers to two amazing film-making production teams who have both produced a short film.
The last couple of weeks saw our participants going through the post production stage of the process. Editing, syncing sound, getting title and credit sequences done. It’s a huge organisational task, but now, finally, we have two films that just need a little final polish and will then be ready for the premier screening in February.
In addition to the academy the participants are working toward their Silver Arts Award. The award gets them to focus on improving their skills in one area of the arts and they must also put on an arts related project.
We are very proud to have put on the BFI Film Academy and are really grateful for the amazing response of the young participants. Bring on the BFI Film Academy 2014!"