12 February 2014

The Room 3

The Room is known as ‘the Citizen Kane of bad movies’, building up a huge cult following and underground reputation as a classic of terrible movies. Written, Directed and Starring Tommy Wiseau, the movie has played around the world with audience participation in the style of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Rife with inconsistencies, plot holes, terrible acting and unexplainable props, The Room is unlike any movie you will have seen before. Empire Magazine described The Room as ‘combining the worst of every discipline’ with Vulture claiming ‘It suspends all normal rules of drama.

Initially described as a romantic comedy, Tommy Wiseau now claims that the film was always supposed to be a black comedy.  After the film’s London premiere in 2009, The Independent wrote that ‘The Room's crappiness is so compelling’ that it's hard to resist!

The co-stars of the film Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero visited FACT earlier this year to introduce a screening of the film, playing american football in the bar and signing our ground floor pillar.

The Room screens tonight at 9pm and tickets are on sale now from the Box Office, online and by phone 0871 902 5737.