14 February 2014


It’s cold, nobody has any money, everyone is on a post Christmas diet, Summer still seems like ages away, everyone hates January and February so we thought we’d do our bit to try and cheer you up this winter.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be screening two of the best comedies and feel good films ever!

The season kicked off last week with Airplane! and up next we’ve got Monty Python’s Meaning of Life on 28 January. The Python’s take you through the various stages of your lifetime in an attempt to discover the meaning of life. It’s described as ‘hilarious and colossally rude’ and features the now infamous sketch featuring ‘the exploding Mr Creosote’.

Then we have Woody Alllen’s Midnight in Paris starring Owen Wilson, which is showing on 4 February at 6pm. Whilst on a trip to Paris with his Fiancées family, Wilson mysteriously finds himself transported back to the 1920’s each day at Midnight. According to one critic ‘Midnight in Paris contains sequences happier than can be described’ with Empire Magazine describing the film as ‘Light, assured, and utterly charming: Woody Allen's sublime gifts are still intact.

Tickets for both screenings are just £5, or £4 for members and concessions, and they are available now from the Box Office, by phone on 0871 902 5737 and online.