27 February 2014

Hybrid Lives 1

"Sometimes I am Theatre Director, sometimes I am a Practitioner, or a Creative Practitioner, or a Researcher, or a Maker, or a Practice-Based Researcher, sometimes I'm an Artistic Director, or an Artist, I have been a Participant and a Performer, a Professional, a Collaborator and a Partner, an Associate.

Approaching a residency at FACT's Time & Motion Co-Working Space I am looking forward to a space in which to reflect upon how our working contexts, given or self-constructed, frame collaborative practice, impact upon the types of relationships we have with those we are working with and the forms of knowledge available for creation, construction or exchange within that context. 

In a Co-Working Space designed for hybrid practices and cross-disciplinary collaboration, what linguistic and logistic contexts are built for the exchange of knowledge and how does the language of “knowledge exchange” effect and define the limits of the process itself?

A study of knowledge and exchange could be considered an humanistic method - developed by the human species, of the human species - used to analyse what knowledge really is, how knowledge really moves, who really participates in doing knowledge. It can be used to determine the most fundamental method of honoring the subject, object and future of knowledge. This approach perhaps is not new, but presently runs the risk of losing its value, wonder, complexity and seriousness in a time subsumed furthermore by the various technological turns and affects of pressure let by today's marginal, temporally confused and apathetic consciousness.

Let us call for a renaissance of thinking and doing, let us valorise knowledge as a thinking, corporeal species in the world and with experience, together."

Pop in to the co-working space all this week to find out more from Susannah and Tess.