14 February 2014

Inside Llewyn Davis Trailer 1877774

Loosley based on the life of ‘The Mayor of MacDougal Street’, Dave Van Ronk, Llewyn Davis is a struggling folk musician in 1960’s New York. His musical partner recently commited suicide, his album isn’t selling, he has no where to live and he is forced to carry his friend’s cat everywhere with him after he accidentally let it escape from their flat.

The Coen brothers describe the film as ‘drenched in melancholy’ with Llewyn having ‘a lot of crosses to bear’. He’s a ‘dick’ but he’s self-aware, ‘he's the guy who blows his top or speaks out of turn or says something really dickish, but then, three minutes later thinks to himself: I'm a dick for doing that’.

The film isn’t all bleak and melancholic however thanks to Oscar Isaac’s incredible performance, which has earned him 16 awards nominations including a Golden Globe.

Inside Llewyn Davis has a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes with critics describing the film as ‘Beautiful, heartfelt and utterly enthralling’, ‘an intense pleasure’, ‘One of the Coens' richest, strangest and most potent films.’

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