12 February 2014

IMG 5837

"Over the weekend of 23 & 24 November the participants of the BFI Film Academy shot their short films. Producer Sol helped to guide them through the pre-production process with the participants creating the script, storyboards and sourcing everything they needed.

This was the first time many of the participants had taken part on film shoot, but you wouldn’t know as they all excelled in their roles. It was fantastic to see two groups of youngsters, who didn’t know each other a few weeks ago, come together and work so hard as a team. From the sound crew to the director, everyone was focussed and responded to the feedback from Sol amazingly. 

Next week, we’re onto post-production and any reshoots. It’s staggering how quickly six weekends can fly by and the capacity of young people to absorb advice and new skills. Ultimately this is what the BFI Film Academy is all about. The success of the project will not be simply in the final edit of their films, but in the confidence and knowledge they have gained to go on and produce their own work in the future. The talent is there and we feel privileged to have helped them begin to hone their skills." 

For more information about the BFI Film Academy, please check out our project page, or see the contact details for Louise Latter below. Alternatively, FACT's young people's programme, Freehand, run regular filmmaking, contemporary art and technology/digital media sessions for 13 - 25 year olds. You can see more info about Freehand here.