12 February 2014

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"For the past four weekends, two groups of local people aged 16 – 19 have been coming to FACT to participate in our second BFI Film Academy. The Academy is running for eight weekends and participants are getting a fantastic opportunity to work with professional producers, actors and screenwriters. 
Last weekend, under the expert guidance of producer Sol Papadopoulos, participants started the day learning about the roles of a film crew and by the end of the day they were directing and filming a scene from Silver Linings Playbook with two professional actors. This highlights just how much is crammed into this course! So far the response from the participants has been amazing and we’re really happy with the level and maturity of their work. Next week they’re working with a script supervisor from Coronation St to help them develop their ideas that will become a short film by the end of the Academy.
We have also organised midweek master classes for the participants so they get as much access to the world of filmmaking as possible. Last week we brought James Mulligan, the director of Cork Film Festival, over to run a workshop about film festivals and financing. Previous master classes included an amazing session on character development and writing for screen by Lynne Harwood from First Take.
In addition to the course, all of the participants are working towards their Silver Arts Award whereby they achieve personal goals in the arts and gain experience organising arts events. Their films will be showcased at an event in February."

FACT's young people's programme Freehand runs filmmaking, technology and contemporary art groups throughout the year. If you would like more information, or would like to join Freehand, check out our Young People's page.