13 February 2014

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FACT's current exhibition makes us question our understanding of working life - do we have a healthy work/life balance? How has technology changed the way we work? Is the notion of the eight hour day still relevant? As a way to consider these questions, we are asking people who helped bring this exhibition to life - the staff of the FACT office - what it is their job here involves... 

Mike Donaghy is the first to give a brief behind-the-scenes look at his role at FACT.

"As Digital Content Producer at FACT a typical day for me often includes liaising with the programme team, external clients, or filming and editing short videos for the web.  This might include interviewing artists, filming a workshop, or more ambitious shoots collaborating with artists to produce a new work.  I've filmed at locations across the UK, including BALTIC in Newcastle, Manchester Camerata, and the Rambert Dance Company in London.

I really enjoy getting to be creative in my role and often have the opportunity to try out more ambitious projects.  I also work with a lot of technology and hone my filmmaking skills.  FACT is a hub for a lot of collaboration and people passing through so I get to meet a lot of new people. 

I have to be flexible as I might sometimes need to work evenings or weekends.  We also have to work to deadlines and this can mean some late nights and many cups of coffee!  FACT has really been a supportive and nurturing place for me and I'm very happy to have been working here for the last five years!"

For more information about the Time & Motion exhibition, please visit our Project Page. You can also discover your own understanding of work/life balance using this online tool, developed by the Royal College of Art.