14 February 2014

Laura Blog Pic

FACT's current exhibition makes us question our understanding of working life - do we have a healthy work/life balance? How has technology changed the way we work? Is the notion of the eight hour day still relevant? As a way to consider these questions, we are asking people who helped bring this exhibition to life - the staff of the FACT office - what it is their job here involves... 

Laura Yates is next up to give a behind-the-scenes look at her role here at FACT.

"I’ve worked at FACT for a LONG time although I did leave in between to travel. My first incarnation as the Information Desk Co-ordinator was between 2003 – 2006 and the second for the ground-breaking community arts TV project tenantspin and then later our Community Programme between 2007 and the present so all in all I’ve served 11 years with the organisation.

I work within the Engagement team who lead on all things collaborative for FACT. We work with Young People, with Veterans, on Health Projects, with Older People and Adults in diverse and sometimes challenging environments.

Every day is different in the Engagement team. I do a lot of work with older people and adults especially outside of FACT in Community Centres and Housing Schemes so on average two days a week I’m out and about all over the North West. During these times I’m generally working with artists, technologists and facilitators to develop workshops, high-quality arts experiences and projects with older people and partners like housing providers.

We make films together, tell stories, talk about memory, neighbourhood, change, society, develop exhibitions and learn about technology from a ground-up perspective. Older people are amongst the most digitally excluded group in society with over 65% of those over 60 never having used the internet so our work is really important to helping them take those first tentative steps into an unknown virtual world – its great to see participants grow in confidence using technology creatively is so stimulating and enriching for them.

When I’m not out and about I’ll be in the engagement office replying to emails, sniffing out funding opportunities, writing reports, developing ideas for projects and making connections with like-minded organisations and individuals."

For more information about the Time & Motion exhibition, please visit our Project Page. You can also discover your own understanding of work/life balance using this online tool, developed by the Royal College of Art.