27 February 2014

Elliot Callard

"My day normally starts at around 9:45, I tend to snooze my alarm clock a few too many times so I’m generally a bit late for work! I always try and work late though to make up for any time that I miss in the mornings (honest!)

I’ve been working at FACT for just under 18 months now. I came to Liverpool to study at LIPA and FACT was always one of my favourite places when I was a student so it’s quite exciting to be working here.
My day usually starts with checking my emails and the FACT Facebook page which I’m responsible for to see if we’ve had any messages or anything overnight. Recently we’ve been running a poster design competition, and we’ve had loads of entries, so I’ve been pulling them all together and sending them on to our judges (you can see the five winners here).

We’re coming up to the end of our current exhibition, Time & Motion, but we’re very, very busy with planning for our next exhibition, Science Fiction: New Death, and the launch of our brand new website which should be appearing in the next few days.
I’d say my favourite part of my job is getting to work on such a huge variety of events from films and exhibitions to engagement and research projects. I’ve learnt a massive amount in my relatively short time here, about my job, visual art and Liverpool in general. 

I really enjoy the busy, packed schedules in the run up to one of our exhibition openings with artists arriving, works being installed, press interviews and the general excitement of launching a new show."

The Time & Motion exhibition is at FACT until 9 March, please visit our Project Page to find out more. You can also discover your own understanding of work/life balance using this online tool, developed by the Royal College of Art.