3 September 2013

This Friday and Saturday evening, prepare to experience the Ready to Cloud teleportation device. It´s landed in Liverpool as part of the Connected Cities Network. The homemade teleporter is linked to the original Bauhaus in Dessau, Germany, allowing you to communicate through the cloud across Europe. You step into the scanning ring, where you will be beamed instantly into the cloud alongside a person from the Bauhaus who will appear right next to you. Users in both cities can interact in realtime, share electronic impulses, morph and clash via this literally cloud service.

The project is realised by Berlin based The Constitute, an emerging young mixture of independent art laboratory and design research centre. Together with the VJ collective Pfadfinderei and Sonice Development they have created a first prototype on the road to spatial full body teleportation and by this a unique holographic ephemeral display. 

The Constitute uses their extensive research on science fiction design and interfaces. By examining various movies and books, the design came from Star Trek geekiness and pure suicidal insanity to try this in public space. The first tests, outdoor during the Milan Design Week gave a good impression of what was still to fix until the first internationally connected set up. New avatar behaviours, new interaction patterns and a totally new cloud generator can be seen for the first time live at FACT.

The Constitute will be back in Liverpool again during the amazing AND Festival in October.

Ready to Cloud is completely free and teleportation will be available from 8.30 - 10.30 on Friday 6 September and Saturday 7 September.