21 June 2013

Turning FACT Inside Out has taken over our entire building, and spilling out across Liverpool with Manifest.AR's projects taking place throughout the city. 

We've interviewed some of the artists involved on their work, inspirations, what you can expect to see in the exhibition and why topics such as fracking, capitalism and architecture are important. All the video interviews are available to view on the right hand side of this page.

Artistic engineers HeHe have turned Gallery 1 into a miniaturised fracking site complete with wastewater, fire and earth tremors. One half of the duo, Heiko Hansen, talks about exploring the ground below FACT for shale gas, attempting to start a conversation on Fracking and trying to stay neutral in the debate.

In Gallery 2, polish artist Katarzyna Krakowiak discusses how she has filled FACT’s ‘hidden’ spaces with microphones in an attempt to reassess how we see buildings and their functions. Chute dramatically alters the space with a large sloping grid cutting through the gallery and uncovering the window hidden in the wall.

Spanish group, Uncoded Collective, take you on a virtual bicycle tour of North Liverpool in TransEurope Slow. Sergio Galan highlights how bikes allow you to discover completely new areas of a city and see it in a new light. The virtual tour takes you from Liverpool to Madrid and Rotterdam allowing you to see the similarities and differences between European cities.

Tamiko Thiel and Will Pappenheimer from international collective Manifest.AR talk through the six projects which they have bought to FACT as part of Invisible ARtaffects.

Turning FACT Inside Out is open seven days a week, until 15 September. For more information on the exhibition, works and artists please visit the Turning FACT Inside Out exhibition page.