21 March 2013

Who would have thought that The Beatle’s iconic Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover would now include images of Jessie Ware, Dave Grohl and Kylie? Well, after careful consideration and hours trawling through music magazines, blogs and personal paraphernalia, Freehand made it happen.

The Beatles inspired Stand-In (that’s the name for those seaside stick-your-face-in-the-hole-and-have-a-photo-taken stands) is just one part of the latest exhibition in the FACT Connects Space. Alongside this, RIP IT UP is also giving visitors the chance to design their own band t-shirt, create a pop-star hybrid using the Exquisite Corpse board and improve their music knowledge with the uniquely formulated Lets Get Quizzical.

For two months, Freehand have worked tirelessly on coming up with activities that all ages can enjoy and share with their friends and families. From the questions for the quiz to the way the posters looked on the wall, Freehand have explored every aspect of how to make an exhibition space work.

Black and white giant posters line the walls and visitors are invited to write their response to questions such as, ‘What was your first record?’ and ‘Who is your favourite Artist?’ on the giant blackboard. Freehand wanted to pay homage to the poster-plastered bedroom walls of teenagers everywhere when designing RIP IT UP under the guidance of Well Made studio’s Joe Bramall. 

The hard work has definitely paid off. The cover designs of the albums that have been kept a guilty pleasure for so long are now finally being appreciated and favourite lyrics have been openly scribbled on the board, including ‘come on Barbie, let’s go party’ which was a welcome surprise!

RIP IT UP is open now in the FACT Connects space, it is on show until 5 May.