9 March 2012

Exactly as you'd expect, The Vegetable Orchestra, play instruments made entirely from fresh veg and the audience are offered vegetable soup at the end of every performance. We think their mission statement says it all: "the further exploration and refinement of performable vegetable music is a central part of the orchestra's aesthetic quest."

Inspired by the brilliant and bizarre instrument made famous by Aussie paint-chucker/scribbler Rolf Harris, the Stylophone Orchestra of Great Britain is made up of a trio of bespectacled nerds from London. Novelty act they may be, but their cover of Kraftwerk's The Model and God Save the Queen (the National Anthem not the punk tune) are winners as far as we're concerned!

As part of our art and computer game exhibition, Space Invaders (2009), pupils from Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Catholic Primary School in Widnes collaborated with artist Ross Dalziel and FACT on creating a Nintendo DS Orchestra who performed on the opening night. They even got their own costumes!

Stanford University's Mobile Phone Orchestra asks the question "do mobile phones dream of electric orchestras?" Probably not (our opinion, not their's!) but the music that they produce is a far from remixed ring tones, as they adapt touch screens and utilise the phone's cameras, GPS software and more. 

Have your own favourite alternative orchestra? Let us know!