14 February 2012

There has to be more to Valentines Day that chocolates, teddies and flowers, so tonight, FACT will fill that gap with this jam packed special schedule for lovers of film..

In the Mood for Love

This 1962 classic film from Hong Kong is about two people living in the same apartment block speculating that their own partners are having an affair… A cheery choice for Valentine's Day but still full of romantic longing.

Little Shop of Horrors

As part of our upcoming Queerfest programme, Little Shop of Horrors reminds us to not feed the plants! Rick Moranis' nerdy florist finds romance and more than he bargained for when he befriends a bullying blood-thirst plant!   The Rocky Horror Picture Show  follows at 9pm but if you haven't got tickets already we're afraid it has already sold out!

Harold and Maude

A man with a death wish and a 79 year-old high on live find love in this black comedy. Young Harold is obsessed with death, planning suicides, driving a hearse and hanging out at funerals where he meets Maude who likes to do nude modelling in her own time!


Geek and trained zombie slayer are forced to join up to survive the impending apocalypse. They think they are the last people on the planet and the go on a search for the sole remaining Twinkie…