12 March 2008

FACT's current exhibition, sk-interfaces, is on record as the organisation's most successful ever, with over 22,000 people coming to see it. The exhibition, which opened on 01 February until 30 March, is the largest in FACT's history, featuring work by 17 international artists.

Curator Jens Hauser has devised a multi-disciplinary exhibition in which skin becomes a symbol: Skin as a semi-permeable membrane and unstable border is explored by artists such as ORLAN, Stelarc, the Tissue Culture and Art Project, Wim Delvoye, Eduardo Kac, Critical Art Ensemble, Art OrientĂ© objet, Jun Takita, Julia Reodica, Zbigniew Oksiuta, Yann Marussich, the Office of Experiments, Maurice Benayoun, Olivier Goulet, Zane Berzina, Jill Scott and Kira O'Reilly. The artworks deal with the concept of liminality - a period of transition between two states of being - and the fluctuating 'in-betweeness' of our current socio-cultural climate where the most actual technologies and media take over the role of our skins through which we interface with the world. As technology becomes more sophisticated, so our notion of what is organic or 'natural' and what is man-made blur.

The FACT Archive is a developing online resource allowing you to find out more about the organisations activities and commissioned works. It provides exclusive access to the sk-interfaces conference, held on 08/09 February featuring a keynote lecture by influential artist Stelarc. It also includes footage of a performance by artist Yann Marussich, Bleu Remix, recorded on the opening night of sk-interfaces.

The day before sk-interfaces closes, FACT is hosting stitched-up, a series of special events to offer the final word on this exploration of skin and the body as an inspiration for art. Award-winning international artist, Eduardo Kac, whose Telepresence Garment is displayed in FACT's Atrium, will be in Liverpool to talk about his telepresence and biological art projects. Dr Paul Thomas will stage his Midas-project at FACT, which explores the transition phase between skin and gold at nano level. Each artist will be on hand for an informal chat and discussion. The event will close with a special performance from S. S. S. (Sensors, Sonic, Sights):artists Atau Tanaka, CĂ©cile Babiole and Laurent Dailleau will turn movement into music and colour in a three-way audio and visual conversation.