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White Riot Picturehouse at FACT

White Riot [15]

Runtime: 80 mins

Distributor: Modern Films Entertainment Inc.

In 1976, white supremacy was on the rise in the UK. As neo-Nazis and the National Front began to recruit the nation's youth, Rock Against Resistance (RAR) was formed, creating a world of multi-cultural and empowering punk rock and reggae gigs that provided vital rallying points for resisting hatred. Blending fresh interviews with archive footage, White Riot tells the tale of RAR’s powerful rise, from its early days in Hoxton fanzines to its huge Victoria Park concert in 1978 (featuring X-Ray Spex, Steel Pulse, Tom Robinson, and, most famously, The Clash). A powerful glimpse into a vital London protest movement that shows how music really can change the world.


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